After twenty-five years as an ABS Mastersmith I have finally made a DVD. Not only to commemorate those twenty-five years but to show in detail what I do and how I do it in regards to making what has become referred to as the Arkansas Bowie Knife

I got this basic design around 1983 - 84 from ABS founding father Bill Bagwell. Bill championed this style knife. The design is sound and properly made it performs out of proportion to it’s size. I made a few cosmetic changes and a touch or two of my own and the rest is history. You may notice a lot of ABS members make this style knife. It is a popular style and if made correctly they must resemble one another, as form should follow function. Sometimes this style is referred to as “ The ABS Bowie”.

The “Creating an Arkansas Bowie Knife” set of DVDs has four parts:

1. Forging, rough grinding and heat treating an Arkansas Bowie Knife DVD # 1 (145 min) 

2. Ricasso & Tang, Blade finishing & Hamon etching an Arkansas Bowie Knife DVD # 2 (148 min)

3. Fabrication and fitting guard & Ferrule to an Arkansas Bowie Knife DVD # 3 (166 min)

4. Fabricating and fitting Desert Ironwood handle; decorative filing ferrule and assembly of an Arkansas bowie Knife DVD #4 (161 min) 

Each of these DVDs covers in totality the material noted in the title and so is stand alone for that work. (So if one was only interested in handles they might only purchase that DVD.)

Each DVD is $30.00 plus $3.50 S&H (Additional DVDs are $1.50 each S&H.)

The full set of four is $100.00 plus $6.50 S&H

To order: 

Send a check or money order to:
Jim Crowell DVD
676 Newnata Cutoff
Mountain View, AR 72560

Be SURE to include a mailing address and phone number along with which one/s you want and payment. Your order will be shipped via USPS.

I have no way to accept credit/ debit cards or pay pal.