Crowell Knives


Photo1 Nice little Scandi knife in O-1 with a 416 stainless ferrule and Arkansas Black Walnut.

Photo 2 Very light, very fast "Pokey Knife" fighter. forged 1084 with Hamon, 416 stainless double guard, frame handle with nicely figured Desert Ironwood and sterling silver pins.

Photo 3 Detail of Pokey handle.

Photo 4 Somewhat upscale model of the knife I won the first ABS World Championship Cutting contest, Atlanta GA, 2003.
!0" 1084 blade X 2" wide X 5/16" thick 15" O.A. Nickel Silver ferrule with lanyard hole and AR Black Walnut.

Photo 5  Arkansas State Park Ranger Knife.  Forged 1084, blade approx. 5" X 1 1/2" X 3/16" +. This one has the optional Desert Ironwood Handle and polished blade with Hamon. (Courtesy of Ralph Donangelo)

Photo 6 This is a standard Arkansas State Park Ranger Knife. They are approved for duty and uniform wear. Forged 1084 satin finished with 416 stainless double guard spacer and black canvass Micarta. (Courtesy of Tony Perrin)

Photo 7 Same knife as above showing annotation, number and sheath by Dave Smith of Fox AR.
You can have one of these but it won't say "ASP" Ranger or have a number. (Courtesy of Tony Perrin)

Photo 8 Forged 1084 full tang trailing point, 416 stainless single guard, Desert Ironwood scales and Sterling Silver pins.
(Sheath by Dave Smith of Fox AR)

Photo 9 Steak or kitchen knife. this is one of a set of eight steak knives. Full tang 15n20 at about 1/16" thick. Dyed, jigged bone and Sterling Silver pins.

Photo 10 Classic Fighter: Forged 7" blade, double nickel silver guard with fiber and silver spacers, mortised stag scales with Sterling Silver pins. The "post" or "stud" sheath with maroon stingray inset by Dave Smith of Fox AR.
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