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     My name is James Crowell and I have been making knives since 1980. After attending the first ABS Hammer in at Old Washington State Park in Hope Arkansas I decided I wanted to be a Bladesmith. When I saw what Bill Moran, Bill Bagwell and Don Hastings could do with the knives they made I knew I wanted to learn to make such knives as well.

    I was awarded my Mastersmith rating in 1986 and was also certified as an ABS instructor that same year.  I still teach at the Bill Moran School through Texarkana College and all over the country at seminars and “Hammer-Ins”.

    I find forging fascinating and still love the work. I enjoy making everything from collectables to hard use tools. It was that the ABS had a performance test you had to pass prior to judging the cosmetic quality of your work that endeared them to me. I would have had no interest if it had been a beauty contest.

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